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Titanium Glasses Frames

Titanium is space material. Titanium eyeglass frames are light, comfortable to wear. Because titanium is resistant to chemicals such as sweat, titanium eyeglass frames are suitable for people with sensitive skins. Not sure whether the glasses would fit? Try on the glasses online with E Try-on™ before you buy.

IVY GOR Eyeglasses 301 Buy Now
IVY GOR 301, C1
Prescription Glasses
Size: 51/ 17- 135 $99  
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IVY GOR Eyeglasses 302 Buy Now
IVY GOR 302, C2
Prescription Glasses
Size: 52/ 15- 135 $99  
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IVY GOR Eyeglasses 306 Buy Now
IVY GOR 306, C6
Prescription Glasses
Size: 53/ 17- 140 $99  
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IVY GOR Eyeglasses 307 Buy Now
IVY GOR 307, C7
Prescription Glasses
Size: 46/ 16- 132 $99  
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IVY GOR Eyeglasses 308 Buy Now
IVY GOR 308, C8
Prescription Glasses
Size: 50/ 17- 135 $99  
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Nobel Eyeglasses 7303Flex Buy Now
Nobel 7303Flex, PUR
Prescription Glasses
Size: 48/ 18- 140 $99  
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Nobel Eyeglasses 7314 Buy Now
Nobel 7314, GLD
Prescription Glasses
Size: 52/ 19- 138 $99  
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Nobel Eyeglasses 7314flex Buy Now
Nobel 7314flex, GLD
Prescription Glasses
Size: 52/ 19- 138 $99  
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Nobel Eyeglasses 7315 Buy Now
Nobel 7315, SIL
Prescription Glasses
Size: 50/ 19- 138 $99  
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Nobel Eyeglasses 7315Flex Buy Now
Nobel 7315Flex, SIL
Prescription Glasses
Size: 50/ 19- 138 $99  
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Nobel Eyeglasses 7316 Buy Now
Nobel 7316, PNK
Prescription Glasses
Size: 48/ 19- 138 $99  
Buy Now
Nobel Eyeglasses 7320 Buy Now
Nobel 7320, GUN
Prescription Glasses
Size: 49/ 19- 138 $99  
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